About us

Quality is in our DNA

Who is QAcademy

QAcademy is a course vendor and part of Capgemini Denmark A/S, and we share a vision: the business value of technology comes from and through people. Therefore, QAcademy works to empower people and spread the knowledge of methods and tools that improve the quality of IT solutions.  

QAcademy organize public and private courses for both internal and external actors. 


Our competencies

We have many years of experience in organizing services and courses to support the needs of individual companies. Each individual course is based on your wishes, goals and current situation. The process involves all relevant parties, who subsequently implement the new tools and apply the new knowledge. If you want to know more about our custom courses or have a request, take a look at the page ‘Custom Courses’.

Our trainers are passionate about what they teach and are deeply rooted in reality. In their daily work, they actively use the methods and techniques that they disseminate and teach. In other words, all our teachers are what we call player-coaches. This enables the participants in our courses to gain access to the optimal mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In our opinion, having teachers with practical experience and a commitment that shines through gives the best learning experience.”