Leapwork Introduction Course


6.800 kr. ekskl. moms



About the course

Leapwork introduction course is a basic introduction to Leapwork for people who are new to building automation with Leapwork.
You will be walked through the basic concepts of automation with Leapwork works.

What will you get from the course?

On this course you will get to learn about the fundamental concepts in Leapwork, ensuring that you can build automation with higher quality.
You will learn how you can use Leapwork in your workday, for example to do regression test, RPA (Robotic process automation) and general automation of your processes.

Furthermore, you will learn:

  • The basic principals in test automation
  • How to build automation in Leapwork
  • How to build data driven automation
  • Learn how to choose the right building blocks to ensure the stability of your automation
  • How to schedule and run multiple flows
  • How to do debugging and investigate errors

And other tips and tricks to enhance the way you use Leapwork Studio.

You will be taken through some basic test automation theory and there will be practical assignments with real websites and applications.

With this course you will have a solid fundament of automation knowledge, for you to start building a higher quality automation

Course overview

  • Introduction to Leapwork
    • Leapwork basics
    • The architecture
    • Showcase of a flow in Studio
  • Detailed walkthrough of the tabs in Leapwork Studio
    • Flows
    • Run lists and schedules
    • Reporting and debugging
    • Dashboards
  • Building blocks
  • Subflows
  • Naming conventions and folder structure
  • Technologies
    • Web
    • Desktop UI
    • Image and text recognition (OCR)
  • Building flows with the smart recorder
  • Build your own automation flow and other exercises


Target group and prerequisites

This course is for testers and technical testers who want to learn the fundamentals of how to build quality automation with Leapwork.


The course will be held over 1 day, of 8 hours.


3.800 kr. Excl. vat


The course will be held in English but can also be held in Danish, per request.


There is no examn for this course