We have many professionals from different companies taking our courses. This is their experience.

I have participated in 2 days of inspiring and professional training in the Leapwork Advanced course with reference to working life. Ziad El-Wali is an excellent teacher who, with great enthusiasm for his subject and a great pedagogical insight, manages to inspire both those who are already familiar with Leapwork and beginners who, like me, have little knowledge of Leapwork. The course has given me a better understanding of building blocks in Leapwork and their uses.

The course has a good coverage of the 7 main subjects, that you will encounter in the exam. In addition, with the help of group assignments and discussions, you get through many of the aspects of being a Test Manager and how to use the new knowledge in practice. The teacher is certainly also competent and always willing to answer questions.

Good course, where you get a thorough idea of ​​the DevOps set-up with a focus on developing a collaborative culture, where it is a shared responsibility to create the best quality in the products that are developed. Particularly relevant for testers who have not previously worked in an agile set-up and who just need a refresher/brief introduction to test design techniques. Very experienced teacher with good communication skills.