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TMAP: Quality for cross-functional teams

About the course

This course focuses on how teams can deliver business value with the right quality at speed. The course is for all partners in high performance IT delivery teams such as SCRUM and DevOps.


What you achieve

This training course provides all people in a high-performance IT delivery team, such as a DevOps or Scrum team, with the required knowledge and skills that are important for building quality in their IT system and gaining confidence that the pursued business value can be achieved.

This training course is based on the book “Quality for DevOps teams” and the TMAP body of knowledge on


Course overview

During this training course the participants will get knowledge and practical experience with the following QA & testing subjects:

  • The VOICE model for achieving business value by IT delivery
  • IT delivery models, especially DevOps
  • Cross-functional teams and continuous quality engineering
  • The whole-team approach, including developers and operations contribution to quality assurance
  • QA & testing topics such as:
    • Reviewing and pull-requests
    • Continuous improvement and metrics
  • Test automation and the CI/CD pipeline: Why are they a prerequisite for DevOps and how do we handle it
  • Indicators, reporting and alerting
  • Quality measures
  • Personal, interpersonal and team skills
  • Test varieties: What is the right test in the specific context
  • Experience-based testing: exploratory testing and mob testing
  • Test design: boundary value analysis, path coverage, condition oriented testing, code coverage and mutation testing.

The training course lets participants get experience on these subjects through short introductions followed by relevant exercises and leaves ample room for sharing experiences by all participants. During the course the participants will also practice exam questions.

The course is part of the TMAP certification scheme.
If you want to know more about the TMAP certification scheme, chek out



The TMAP: Quality for cross-functional teams exam is an online multiple choice exam with 30 questions in 60 minutes. You need a score of 66% to pass.


Target audience

This training course is for all people working in or with high-performance IT delivery teams (such as DevOps and Scrum). Relevant roles include testers, quality engineers, developers, operations people ,business analysts, product owners,  users, scrum masters, agile coaches, release train engineers, etc.

For those who wish to take the advanced certifications:

  • TMAP: High-performance quality engineering
  • TMAP: Organizing build-in quality at scale

we recommend taking this course first.



The course participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of IT, working in teams and an Agile ways of working.



This course is 3 days or 6 evenings. 
Exam has a 1-hour duration.



The course will be conducted in English and the syllabus is in English.



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