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Test Driven Development (TDD)

About the course

This is a one-day course where you learn to build quality into your code with Test Driven Development (TDD). TDD is a development process based on short development cycles and test cases. TDD can give your products better quality, faster feedback from tests, as well as make it easier to understand the code. TDD is created to promote trust in the development process, and it is internationally recognized.


What you achieve

The course covers the most important areas of Test Driven Development, which enables you to use the method in your daily work. You learn how to take over code, optimize it and return it with full documentation of your work.

The course is composed so you can use Java, C #, Javascript, Python, etc., as well as the development tools that you use professionally in everyday life. The examples are written in Javascript, but made easy to understand for everyone, so they can be easily translated into other programming languages.

The participants are also introduced to good test design, as good test cases are the foundation for successful use of TDD.


Course overview

  • What is TDD?
    • Comparison with traditional development and testing
    • TDD process: The three TDD laws
    • TDD principles
    • What is "Red, Green and Refactor"?
    • Separation of design and code
    • Use TDD to improve your documentation
  • Introduction to unit testing
    • Unit test types
    • Unit test principles
    • What is a good unit test framework?
  • Light introduction to test design techniques
    • How to design a good test?
    • Visualization of scenarios
    • Brief introduction to user stories
  • Dealing with difficult TDD challenges
    • Frameworks, Databases, Random functions, Async calls and the like
    • Mock Types: Dummies, Fakes, Stubs, Mocks
  • Bugs, anti-fragility, and Continuous Integration

The course consists of theoretical reviews and practical exercises, which are solved individually. The theory is supported by practical examples related to everyday projects and dialogue with the participants. The course and the materials have been developed using TDD - because even though theory is good, tested theory is significantly better.

An editor, a framework and a JavaScript setup are provided for those participants who want it.



There is no exam for this course, but the various exercises and assignments are reviewed and evaluated in plenary.


Target audience

The course is primarily aimed at testers and developers but may also be relevant for other roles and functions that help to write test cases.



You should be familiar with programming languages, as several of the exercises involve programming with TDD (however, it is not necessary to be a developer).

If you participate in an online course, there is a requirement for a webcam.



The course is a 1-day course.



The teaching can be done in Danish or English, the material is always in English. (You can see which language the teaching is conducted in next to the 'sign-up button')



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