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Time and place:

08-05-23 – 10-05-23
Aarhus, Skanderborgvej 234, 8220 Viby J
Course language: English
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11-10-23 – 13-10-23
Delta Park 40, 2665, Vallensbæk Strand
Course language: English
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ISTQB Foundation Level

About the course

ISTQB Foundation Level is the basic course in ISTQB's certification portfolio. With ISTQB Foundation you learn about ISTQB's international standard in software testing, both in terms of terminology and approach.


What you achieve

By participating in the ISTQB Foundation course, you will learn about basic test principles and test planning. You get an approach to testing that follows global standards, knowledge of effective testing techniques and test execution techniques as well as a generally recognized terminology within testing software.

You get theoretical reviews and practical exercises, which are solved individually and in groups. The exercises and assignments help prepare you for the exam. The theories are put into the real world through examples from everyday projects and through dialogue with the participants.

With the course, you get a strong foundation for elevating your workplace's approach to testing. At the same time, you get the opportunity to further your education in specific aspects of quality assurance and open new doors to a career in testing anywhere in the world.


Course overview

  • Basic aspects of software testing
    • Testing throughout the development process
    • The basic testing process
    • Quality Assurance and Testing
    • Psychology in test
  • Testing throughout the development process
    • Software development models
    • Test levels and test types
    • Maintenance test
  • Static test
    • Static techniques
    • Review processes
    • Static analysis with tools
  • Test design techniques
    • Specification-based techniques
    • Structure-based techniques
    • Experience-based techniques
  • Test control
    • Planning and estimation
    • Monitoring and control
    • Risk and test
    • Event management
    • Configuration control
  • Test tool support
    • Efficient use of tools
    • Introduction of tools



Exam is 60 minutes multiple choice with 40 questions. The exam is conducted in the same language as the chosen course. If you complete the exam in a language other than your mother tongue, an extra 15 minutes will be added, a total of 75 minutes. Aids other than dictionary may not be used. Read more about the exam at:  ISTQB Foundation exam


Target audience

The course is aimed at testers, test managers, project managers, developers or quality managers with an interest in software testing.



It is expected that you have a basic practical knowledge of IT.



The course is held over 3 days.

Exam is 60 minutes (al. 75 minutes)



We offer ISTQB Foundation both as

  • Danish teaching and danish syllabus
  • English teaching and english syllabus

The ISTQB Foundation syllabus can be found here