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Time and place:

20-02-23 – 21-02-23
Delta Park 40, 2665, Vallensbæk Strand
Course language: English
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ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester

About the course

The course gives you insight into what it takes to test and quality assure the software in an agile project. You get an introduction to how you help to create a good collaboration across the cross-functional team, how to optimize the working method in the agile team, as well as how to plan and maximize the benefits of the test effort.


What you achieve

With ISTQB Agile Tester you get a solid understanding of agile software development and testing in agile projects. You will learn about different testing techniques and methods and about the differences between traditional and agile testing methods.

You will also gain insight into the roles and competencies a tester in agile projects must master. You learn about the tools used in agile projects, and about evaluating quality risks and estimating test efforts. Finally, you will gain knowledge of a terminology within testing that can be used across organization stations and teams.

All in all, you get a professional approach to the field that can give you more influence and open a career path within agile tests.


Course overview

ISTQB Agile Tester consists of a combination of theoretical presentation and practical exercises. The exercises give you an understanding of the course material and serve as preparation for the exam. The teacher puts the theory in a practical context with examples from the real world and through dialogue with the participants.

During the course we will cover

  • The basis of agile software development
    • Agile development and the agile manifesto
    • The agile principles
    • Interdisciplinary teams
    • Clear and frequent feedback
  • Basic agile test
    • The difference between testing in traditional and agile methods
    • Testing and development activities
    • Work products
    • Test and configuration management
    • Possibilities for independent testing
  • Evaluation of quality risks and estimation
  • Tools in agile projects
    • Task management and follow-up
    • Communication and information sharing
    • Software build and distribution
    • Configuration control
    • Test design, implementation and execution
  • Aspects of agile methods
    • Testable user stories
    • Respectively
    • Continuous integration
    • Release and iteration planning
  • Status of tests in agile projects
  • Roles and competencies of a tester in an agile team
  • Agile test methods and techniques
    • Test-driven development (TDD and BDD)
    • Agile test methods
    • The agile test quadrants
    • The automation pyramid
    • Agile test practice
    • Definition of done
    • Test design techniques in agile projects
    • Exploratory testing



Exam is 60 minutes multiple choice with 40 questions. The exam is in English, and 15 minutes of extra time are added if English is not your mother tongue, a total of 75 minutes. Aids other than dictionary may not be used. Read more about the exam at: ISTQB exam.


Target audience

The course is targeted at testers, test managers, project managers and developers with an interest in software testing. It is expected that you have a basic understanding of IT.



The course is an extension to the ISTQB Foundation. Therefore, it is required that course participants have certified themselves in the ISTQB Foundation.



The course is held over 2 days excluding the exam.
The exam has a duration of 60 minutes.



The teaching can be done in Danish or English, the syllabus is in English. The ISTQB Agile Tester syllabus can be downloaded here.