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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager

About the course

This course is for you, who wish to acquire broader competencies in creating test strategies, managing teams, planning and follow up on tests etc.
ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager expands the knowledge you obtained at the ISTQB Foundation level certification.


What you achieve

At the course you will learn to define the overall goals of the test as well as to prepare a test strategy for the system to be tested. You will gain insight into the preparation of test plans and test schedules, as well as how to ensure sufficient resources for the tasks.

You will learn about techniques and methods for planning your next test project. You will get methods for selecting, organizing and leading teams, including managing the communication in the test team. And you get knowledge of group composition, documentation, estimation and risk management.

In addition, you will receive training in various methods and techniques that you must be able to master as a Test Manager. At the same time, you learn about a Test Manager's role, responsibilities and work tasks.


Course overview

The course consists of teaching sessions and practical exercises, which are solved both individually and in groups. The exercises are based on project cases and assignments that prepare you for the exam. The teacher introduces the theories into the real world through examples from everyday projects and through dialogue with the participants.

You will be taught the following subjects:

  • Testing Process
    • Test Planning, Monitoring and Control
    • Test Analysis & Test Design
    • Test Implementation & Test Execution
    • Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting
    • Test Closure Activities
  • Test Management
    • Test Management in Context
    • Understanding Testing Stakeholders
    • Alignment of Test Activities and Other Lifecycle Activities
    • Risk-Based Testing and Other Approaches for Test Prioritization and Effort Allocation
    • Test Documentation and Other Work Products
    • Test Policy, Test Strategy, Master Test Plan, Level Test Plan
    • Test Estimation
    • Defining and Using Test Metrics
    • Business Value of Testing
    • Distributed, Outsourced, and Insourced Testing
  • Reviews
    • Management Reviews and Audits
    • Metrics for Reviews
  • Defect Management
    • The Defect Lifecycle and the Software Development Lifecycle
    • Defect Workflow and States
  • Test Improvement Process
    • Improving the Testing Process
    • Improving the Testing Process with TMMi, TPI Next, CTP, STEP
  • Test Tools and Automation
    • Tool Selection
    • Tool Lifecycle
  • People Skills –Team Composition
    • Individual Skills
    • Test Team Dynamics
    • Fitting Testing Within an Organization
    • Motivation
    • Communication



The exam is 180 minutes multiple choice with 65 questions. The exam is conducted in the same language as the chosen course. If you complete the exam in a language other than your native tongue, 45 minutes of extra time will be added, a total of 225 minutes. Aids other than dictionary may not be used. Read more about the exam at:  ISTQB exam


Target audience

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager is for test coordinators, test managers and others responsible for the success of a test project.



The course is a specialization in ISTQBs competency model. It is mandatory that you hold the ISTQB Foundation Certificate.



The course is 5 full days of training sessions, organized as a 3 days module and a 2 days module.

1-2 hours of homework should be expected pr course day.

It is possible to have a repetition session arranged, contact us for details.

Additionally the exam itself is 180 Minutes (Alt. 225)



We offer ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager both as

  • Danish teaching and Danish syllabus
  • English teaching and English syllabus

You can find the ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager syllabus here



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